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pepper spray

  • Police: Fingerprints on Pepper Spray Lead to Arrest - Patch.com

    See on Scoop.it - Stupid Criminals

    Police: Fingerprints on Pepper Spray Lead to Arrest
    Racine police say a Mount Pleasant man was identified as the suspect in an armed robbery because his fingerprints on a pepper spray container left at the scene were deemed a match.

    PersonalSafetySource.com's insight:

    Make sure you wipe your fingerprints off when commiting a crime!!!!

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  • Stay Safe While Walking Your Pet


    My Grandson came over the other day and we were going for a walk around a lake that is close to my house.  We got my dog Taylor on the leash and set out.  No sooner had we gotten to the lake when a big, stray dog found us.  Now I believe he belonged to someone because he had a collar on and some sort of a rope that looked broken - I assumed the dog had been tied up and gotten away.  Well, this presented a problem because my Grandson, Alex  is 5 and my dog weighs about 9 pounds.

    Lucky for us this big dog (with bloody ears) was friendly.  He wanted to play with Taylor but outweighed her about 90 pounds.  He followed us more than half way around the lake and we finally able to lose him.  This could have turned out so much worse.  He could have been a threat to Alex, Taylor or me.  This is why it's always a good idea to carry some sort of protection while out walking your pet.  I don't believe in hurting in animals - but I don't want one attacking any human or animal!!

    • Pepper Spray or Canine Spray - The use of spray is humane and will not cause permanent damage.  A few squirts will enable you to get away from the situation.
    • Electronic Dog Repeller:  The Ultrasonic dog repeller has two different ways to repel a dog.  The discomforting but not harmful high frequency sound (20,000Hz-25,000Hz), audible to dogs but not to humans. And, the second is a super bright LED flashing strobe that temporarily blinds and confuses the dog.
    • Stun Gun:  The  electrical sound is usually enough to scare any animal away.  My dog usually makes a beeline under the bed at the sound of this.  In case of attack the stun gun could be used on the animal.

    Hopefully, the need for any of these items won't be needed but it's better to have some sort of protection while out walking your pet.  Pepper Spray, Canine Repellent, an Electronic Dog Repeller or a stun gun are all great forms of protection from unwanted dogs.

    Electronic Dog Repeller



  • Pharmacy Manager Douses Suspect in Pepper Spray - Video

    Pepper Spray was used by a Pharmacy Manager on a man that tried to hold up a pharmacy.  Fox News Insider posted this Video showing Susan Beller replying to his hold up note with Pepper Spray.  She really blasted him in the face with this and then she and another pharmacy employee chased the man out of the store.

    Apparently, the man had so much pepper spray (actually, she used Bear Pepper  Spray which has a range of 15 - 20 feet) his parents called 911 and that is how he was caught.  I wonder how proud they were of their son??

    Good for Susan Beller for spraying him!!!!

  • Pepper Spray Will Definitely Clear A Room, Yes...Pepper Spray

    Sometimes meetings, banquets, events just run long.  While no one wants to claim they are boring and we'd rather be somewhere else - fact is it's often true.  One security guard  found a way to clear a room and put an end to long speeches - Pepper Spray  yes, pepper spray.

    My Plainview.com reports their Chamber Banquet was a burning, wheezing success full story! !  Apparently, a security guard came to check on upcoming events and leaned up against a wall and accidentally discharged his pepper spray.  The pepper spray was believed to travel through the ventilation system from the hallway into the grand ballroom.

    The Man of the Year was giving his speech and the coughing began, then wheezing and everyone was joining in.  Could his speech have been that bad??  While it continued to get worse they finally realized what it was.  The Chief of Police then informed the crowd they could leave through the side doors and avoid the lobby.

    Pepper Spray when used correctly can be a great personal safety tool.  Accidentally, discharge it and pepper spray can clear a room.  I'm sure the security guard will make sure the safety is on his pepper spray from now on and won't live down the jokes for quite awhile!!!


  • Facebook Parenting For The Troubled Teen - Right or Wrong???

    It seems a parent of a teen took matters into his own hands.  Tommy Jordan wasn't happy about what his 15 year old daughter posted on facebook.  She blocked her parents and her tirade began.  This didn't keep her parents away and kid (and everyone alike) should know what is on Facebook does not stay private.  Mr. Jordan was not happy with what he found and he posted this video on YouTube.  He shows himself shooting, yes, shooting, his daughers laptop.

    Mr. Jordan was not happy about a post his daughter Hannah made on facebook.  Apparently, she was tired of chores and wrote an open letter to her parents  complaining about her life but blocked them from seeing it.  The thing is...what is posted on Facebook isn't really private and something like this will get around very quickly.

    The video has a link to a facebook page where  Mr. Jordan posted the video.  He wanted to be sure his daughter and all her friends would see it.  The video and the Facebook page have gone viral.  The YouTube video has over 25,000, 000 hits...yes, millions and 285,905 likes and 26,675 dislikes.  The facebook post has 84,051 likes (they don't have a "dislike" button, 37,672 comments and 33,241 shares. 

    Reviews on this are obviously mixed.  Some comments praise Mr. Jordan, "way to go", "you are my hero" and others are not so kind, "you need counseling", "what an idiot"...in fact, the video even caught the attention of CPS.

    Right or Wrong???  What do you think???

  • Pepper Spray All Over The News

    Pepper Spray has been all over the news lately.  Some stories are good and some are just crazy.  I get daily alerts for pepper spray and have come to understand that crimminals all have this stuff.  Even people that probably didn't start out wanting to harm someone with pepper spray actually did.

    Now who can forget the Black Friday pepper spraying at Walmart.  A woman used pepper spray to ensure she had a place in line for a deeply disounted deal on an x-box.  Over 20 people in the store were victims of this - including children.  News reports say she sprayed people in more than one area of the store.  She did come forward at a later time and turned herself in.

    About the same time as the Walmart incident, Pepper Spray was used by campus police at UC Davis during a peaceful rally.  A line of students who were not causing any problems were sprayed.  You get the media and even Senators involved in this situation and you'll get put on immediate leave.

    Pepper Spray really is a useful personal safety source - Yet it is missued when put into the wrong hands.  Hopefully, there won't be too many more of these crazy incidents of pepper spray gone wrong!!!

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