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Hurray For Pepper Spray

Great article about a lady that had her pepper spray with her and used it to fend off an attacker!  It seems the lady was at a local park and a man was trying to lure her into the woods.   The man was in a jogging suit and flagged her down saying his dog was lost in the woods (this is a classic way to lure kids).

The man then pushed down the woman and luckily for her she was carrying pepper spray.  It's legal in Texas and smart of her to have it.  This story could have ended in a different way.  Read the full story with video here.

Pepper Spray Used On Attacker

6 thoughts on “Hurray For Pepper Spray”

  • pepper spray for women

    Sounds like it saved her life. She will remember it forever and be thankful to whom ever she bought it from.

  • Lawanna Bean

    This is happening way to much in our country. We have to wake up and realize we have to protect ourselves and our children!

  • Lawanna Bean

    What a scary situation! Thank goodness she had pepper spray to fend off an attacker! Every women should carry a Pepper Spray!

  • Marie Abbatoy

    Hurray for pepper spray and I agree with the other comments that not only women but everyone should be carrying pepper spray as you never know when you might need to use it to save your life!

  • Self Defense Spray
    Self Defense Spray September 2, 2012 at 10:34 am

    This article goes to show that people are not safe anywhere. It's even difficult to help someone without thnking about if you are going to be attack. It's a good thing this lady had her pepper spray. Great article for women.

  • IronHawk

    There is never a time that a woman should be out exercising without a self defense tool with her. Pepper spray is one of the easiest to carry, and some even come with an armband to keep your hands free if you want.

    Not one of those predators gives a whit about your personal rights as a woman. You are an object to them and not a person to be valued. As long as you have pepper spray though, you'll be remembered! 8^)

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