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Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • TASER® Now Legal In Michigan - With Restrictions

    Civilian TASER®'s are now legal in Michigan with Restrictions.  The bill was signed by Governor Rick Snyder.  



    An article in MLIVE  details the information.

    Civilian Tasers now legal in Michigan under law signed by Gov. Rick Snyder

    Published: Tuesday, May 08, 2012, 4:18 PM     Updated: Wednesday, May 09, 2012, 2:52 PM
    Melissa Anders | manders@mlive.com By Melissa Anders | manders@mlive.com 
    taser.jpgFlint Journal file photoA Taser weapon is shown having just released electrodes darts at the end of 21-foot copper wires.

    LANSING, MI — Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation on Tuesday to legalize civilian Tasers after the bills gained bipartisan support in the Michigan House last month

    In 90 days, Michigan citizens will be allowed to possess and use electro-muscular disruption devices, more commonly known as Tasers, with a concealed pistol license and training. They have similar restrictions and penalties as those in place for pistols.

    Michigan law had limited Taser use to certain law enforcement and corrections officers. Others, such as licensed private investigators, private security police and aircraft pilots and crew members also could carry the weapons if they have been trained and are using the device while performing official duties. Michigan now joins 44 other states that allow civilians to carry the electroshock guns.

    More than 16,800 law enforcement agencies use Tasers in 107 countries, according to Taser International Inc. spokesman Steve Tuttle.

    “We applaud the signing of the bill and thank State Senator Rick Jones’ efforts to give Michiganders the right to carry Taser technology that has saved more than 89,000 lives from death or serious injury," he said. Read more information from Taser.

    Tasers use compressed nitrogen to shoot two small probes connected by wire that transmit electrical pulses to the target, temporarily debilitating muscle control. The weapons emit confetti with serial numbers to identify the owner.

    Civilian models use cartridges that extend 15 feet and are made for one-time use with a 30-second discharge, while police model cartridges can extend up to 35 feet and generally produce five-second bursts.

    “There’s no reason law abiding citizens who have a CPL and proper training shouldn’t have access to this non-lethal alternative for protecting themselves and their loved ones,” bill sponsor Goeff Hansen, R-Hart, said during a House committee hearing in February.

    MLive readers have had mixed reactions to the bills. An MLive.com poll found that 61 percent of 383 votes support the law, with the remainder opposed. While many supported the option to carry to weapons, some readers were concerned about their safety.

    Email Melissa Anders at manders@mlive.com. Follow her on Twitter: @MelissaDAnders.

    © 2012 MLive.com. All rights reserved.

    While there are restrictions on the sale of these - a background check, TASER® training and having a CPL.  90 days from the signing of the bill sales will commence.



  • Stay Safe While Walking Your Pet


    My Grandson came over the other day and we were going for a walk around a lake that is close to my house.  We got my dog Taylor on the leash and set out.  No sooner had we gotten to the lake when a big, stray dog found us.  Now I believe he belonged to someone because he had a collar on and some sort of a rope that looked broken - I assumed the dog had been tied up and gotten away.  Well, this presented a problem because my Grandson, Alex  is 5 and my dog weighs about 9 pounds.

    Lucky for us this big dog (with bloody ears) was friendly.  He wanted to play with Taylor but outweighed her about 90 pounds.  He followed us more than half way around the lake and we finally able to lose him.  This could have turned out so much worse.  He could have been a threat to Alex, Taylor or me.  This is why it's always a good idea to carry some sort of protection while out walking your pet.  I don't believe in hurting in animals - but I don't want one attacking any human or animal!!

    • Pepper Spray or Canine Spray - The use of spray is humane and will not cause permanent damage.  A few squirts will enable you to get away from the situation.
    • Electronic Dog Repeller:  The Ultrasonic dog repeller has two different ways to repel a dog.  The discomforting but not harmful high frequency sound (20,000Hz-25,000Hz), audible to dogs but not to humans. And, the second is a super bright LED flashing strobe that temporarily blinds and confuses the dog.
    • Stun Gun:  The  electrical sound is usually enough to scare any animal away.  My dog usually makes a beeline under the bed at the sound of this.  In case of attack the stun gun could be used on the animal.

    Hopefully, the need for any of these items won't be needed but it's better to have some sort of protection while out walking your pet.  Pepper Spray, Canine Repellent, an Electronic Dog Repeller or a stun gun are all great forms of protection from unwanted dogs.

    Electronic Dog Repeller



  • TASER® Dart Stuck In Man's Head - And He Didn't Know It??!

    At times you run across a story or blog that is just hard to believe.  This is one of those stories...how did this man get away with a TASER dart stuck in his head???    Perhaps I'll peruse the academic journals a little more often for stories like these.  Seems this man didn't know what was causing his headache!



    The full story by BY JAMIE CONDLIFFE  MAY 2, 2012 7:38 in Gizmodo

    Sometimes, academic journals have the beststories. Like last week's issue of Forensic Science International, which describes how a man had a a drunken confrontation with the police and ended up with a taser dart stuck in his brain.

    The most ridiculous part? He didn't even realize. The only reason he went to hospital was because he had a headache. In fact, it was lodged in his frontal lobe the whole time. FromForensic Science International:

    "A 27 old man was immobilized by the police while he struggled with a police officer during an identification check and attempted an escape. He had a high level of alcohol at the time of the arrest. A X26 Taser was used to incapacitate and subdue the victim.

    "No immediate medical examination was subsequently performed in the patient after the wires were propelled and he was allowed to return home. However, because he complained of a headache, he decided to go to the nearest hospital a few hours later.

    "Upon presentation at the Emergency Department the patient was conscious. The examination revealed a harpoon-like barbed electrode dart implanted in the right frontal part of the skull and a right peri-orbital bruise…

    "The brain CT scan revealed an encephalic injury in the right area of the frontal lobe. In fact, the probe was implanted in the frontal area of the skull and then in the right frontal cortex with a penetration depth of a few millimeters."

    Fortunately—and miraculously—he suffered no infection or neurological complication whatsoever. The lucky, lucky son of a bitch. [Forensic Science International via Mind Hacks]  http://gizmodo.com/taser/

    Now how the man didn't realize he had a TASER® dart stuck in his head is beyond me.  And what about the police who fired the TASER® at him???  Couldn't they see the dart sticking out??  I bet they will hear from him again...probably when the legal papers arrive!!

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