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Monthly Archives: September 2011

  • Keep Safe At College

    College Life Is Certainly Not Always About Staying Out Late, Partying With Close Friends And Rushing Bleary-eyed To Class. Teenagers Should Seriously Look Into Their Security At College Premises, And So Should Their Parents. Situations Should Be Assessed In Order That One Can Go About Campus Living As Securely As Possible. Many Young Adults Barely Think Of Self-protection Within The Campus. This Issue Falls Behind Academic, Social And Also Other Daily Particulars. Precisely What A Lot Of People Do Not Realize Is That College Dangers Are Certainly Real And Can Happen To Anybody. This Is Precisely Why A College Survival Kit Is Going To Be Best For Someone Immersed In Student Life. Personal safety at college Is Less Complicated Than Anyone Might Think About. It Is Not A Matter Of Exotic Martial Arts Or Expert Defensive Abilities. Rather, Have Yourself Conscious Of Your Environment And Take The Applicable Steps When Confronted With Hazardous Instances. There Are Many Protective Devices And Self-help Manuals Which Can Help With College Safety. You Can Sort Them Out Separately By Yourself Or You Can Get A Ready-made College Survival Kit. A College Safety Kit Is A Complete Bundle That Includes Devices For Self-defense Plus Instructional Materials. The Mentioned Materials Handle Important Topics On The User’s Safety At College Like Detailed Accounts On How To Prevent Endangerment And Precisely What To Do Whenever A Precarious Situation Takes Place. The Dorm, Car And The Campus Grounds Are Locations Where Problematic Situations Typically Happen. College Security Kits Often Offer Items And Tips For These Prime Places. The Dorm Room Should At Least Possess A Door Alarm That Would Sound An Alert And Prevent A Break-in. Possessions And Other Essential Things Can Be Placed Inside A Diversion Safe That Blends Easily With The Room. A Handy And Also Potent Pepper Spray May Be Carried Around And Placed Within A Car Or Room For Fast Access. Personal Alarms For Safe Traveling And Whistles To Draw Awareness Should Also Be Included. Student Protection At College Is Usually About Making The Right Choices. Self-defense Gadgets And Also College Survival Kits Can Enable You To Enjoy Campus Life Without Problems. Visit Website

  • Learning This Internet Stuff

    I'm new to the online world but not to business. I've been lucky to have owned several different businesses. For many years I owned a Sears Dealer Store and sold it in 2001. I had a Bounce House business for about 10 years, Owned a gym for a year and have sold insurance for about 10 years.

    Learning the technical aspect of a website is something else. So far I haven't been able to upload the like button from facebook to my site...but I'm going to get it.

    I've always been in some type of sales. Now I just need to master the internet, google, SEO, HTML, Cpanel and a lot of new terms...

    Watch for new things to come!!!!

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